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Welcome to Relaxation Response"

Whether you want to get rid of recurring body pain or treat yourself to some extra special pampering,

our European Facial and Back Facial.

services have got you covered.

The relaxation response is a state in which your heart and breathing rate slow, your blood pressure goes down, your production of stress hormones decreases, and your muscles relax.

Massage Therapy

ATTENTION: At this time, we do not offer Massage Therapy. We are offering an alternative with Stretch Therapy. SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE.

Here are the massage therapy services we offer at Above & Beyond Hair & Body in Lake Placid, Florida:

Massage Modalities:

  • Deep Tissue
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Sports Massage
  • Hot Stone
  • Aromatherapy Massage Treatments
  • Cold Stone
  • Pregnancy
  • Swedish
  • CBD for PAIN
  • Swedish with PNF
  • Elder Massage


Therapeutic/Deep Tissue

30 min. - $50

60 min. - $80

90 min - $120

Hot Stone 60 min. - $75

Shoulders and Back 45 min. - $45

Swedish Massage Relaxation

30 Min. - $35

60 Min. - $65

90 Min. - $95

Ultimate Swedish Massage Hot Stones with PNF - $90

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

  • Increased Blood & Lymph Circulation
  • Increased delivery of oxygen and Nutrients to tissues
  • Enhanced removal of metabolic wastes
  • Assistance in pain relief
  • Promotion of relaxation and relief of stress
  • Increased range of motion of joints
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) is an advanced type of flexibility therapy. PNF is built on a series of exercises that focus on stretching first contraction then relaxing, stiff or painful muscles in the body

After-hour appointments are available

Also, enjoy a massage in the comfort of your own home or visit our beautiful day spa.

Stretch Therapy


Stretch therapy is similar to massage in that it is delivered one-on-one and on a table. Before the treatment begins, you will complete a health intake form and do a short assessment with your stretch therapist. Your stretch therapist will then focus on movements that target the muscles and connective tissue that surround the joints.

The stretch therapist will move your body for you into postures that stretch specific muscle groups. To increase the effectiveness of some stretches, comfortable straps may be used. Your goal during the session is to relax, breathe, and let the stretch therapist take the weight of your limbs and move you through the stretches. You should feel a stretch sensation but never pain. 


Some of the benefits of assisted Stretch Therapy include:

  • Easing pain associated with tightness and tension
  • Improving range of motion, flexibility, mobility and strength
  • Improving posture, physical appearance and self esteem
  • Counteract the effects of aging
  • Increasing overall fitness and athletic performance
  • Reducing the risk of injury
  • Encouraging relaxation and relieving stress
  • Increasing circulation and blood flow to the muscles, surrounding tissues and joints


With regular stretching, you do the work yourself. Some people find it hard to know the proper way to stretch and which muscles to focus on for optimum positive impact. Without having the accountability of a regular stretch routine, many people will stretch minimally or not at all.

With assisted stretching, the work is done for you. You work one-on-one with an experienced stretch therapist who has knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and stretching techniques and will take you through a thorough routine of stretching that is personalized for your particular needs.

During some stretches, you will be encouraged to completely relax your limbs to get the most out of the stretch. For other stretches, you may be asked to engage and work the muscles. If you’re not good at stretching on your own, stretch therapy sessions can help keep you accountable to improving your body through stretching


Stretch Sessions

1/2-hour or full-hour session which consists of passive muscular stretching

Half-hour - $35

Full-hour - $55


Utilizing tools and specific techniques to reduce myofascial pain trigger points

Kinesio Taping

Custom taping to treat pain and disability from injury and a variety of other physical disorders

Physical Therapy

Treating multiple orthopedic and neurological conditions

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